Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse-Minimalist artists Repetition Nineteen III is  19 translucent, bucket-like forms Serial repetition of identical units Her forms are handmade and irregular rather than manufactured and hard-edged They are similar to one another in size and shape but none of them are exactly alike. Repetitive and labour intensive Advertisements Continue reading Eva Hesse

Marina Kassianidou

Marina Kassianidou Wrinklegrams 2012-present ‘For this series of paintings, I crumple up each piece of paper and then paint lines over all the wrinkles using glossy white paint. I am aiming for a one-to-one correspondence between the existing mark–the wrinkles–and the painted mark’ Drawing over existing mark no longer can see the original mark fake trace? makes viewer have to look closer to see the … Continue reading Marina Kassianidou

Sui Jianguo

Sui Jianguo-Trace Looking into the ideas of a fake trace Imprint of the hand is very visible- does that create a connection between artist and viewer because its very personal and enlarged But it is an enlarged exact replica of smaller sculptures that the artist actually held and moulded-does that make the larger replicas a fake trace because they weren’t actually held by the artist. … Continue reading Sui Jianguo