Lydia Gifford

Lydia Gifford- Visiting artist at Chelsea notes.

  • Movement-layering-application.
  • Documentation of movement-leaving traces that linger.
  • Medium-how physical of a trace is left.
  • Body movement imprinted into paint-stored and contained in the paint.
  • Marking Time-storing information about herself.
  • Cloth + Paint- Moulding into shapes using her hands -accidental marks, rips, folds and finger prints.
  • Very white pieces that blend into the white walls of the gallery, but you can still see the occasional layer/crease in the painting.
  • Drawn to bodily colours/stains.
  • Occasionally choose colours that shock or repulse


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I am interested in the way Lydia Gifford documents her movements and trace in her paintings, how she moulds them using her hands, leaving imprints of her movements that is stored  in her paint marking the time she spent on them. The texture of them is always really interesting and never look perfect showing accidental and human marks makes them really personal. I like how the colours she uses often blend into the wall, so the occasional layer and crease in the painting can just be seen-like the marks made are actually in or apart of the wall itself.




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