Mary Ramsden

Mary Ramsden-‘swipe’ Pilar Corrias – London

Mary Ramsden  makes paintings that allude to the accidental smudges and ‘painterly’ marks left after using the touch-screen of a mobile phone or tablet. Exploring how painting may operate within today’s digital framework, she highlights our sense of the visual world through the slippery surface of the technological lens. The paintings are displayed in clusters similar to windows opened simultaneously on a computer screen. Tate Britain exhibition- Vanilla and concrete-art now.

13 small scale paintings that transverse the digital and material worlds to ultimately place importance on the physical object and it’s sensible presence.

  • Shiny slicks of grease swiped across screens.
  • Repeatedly making out mark.
  • gesturing upon planes to leave traces of thought and movement.
  • connecting the human touch to painterly gestures and handled materials.

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