These are 3 drawings I did based on the repetitive movements we do everyday.

  • Investment of time
  • repetitive notions
  • people’s lives structured by repetition
  • indent of time
  • Creating value and meaning through an investment of time
  • time regulated
  • same thing same time

I am really pleased with these drawings as a starting point, I like how as you move closer to them you can see all the detailed close lines but when you move far away they can just look like a shaded in square. The investment of time is also very important to me and I like how you can see that in the drawings. There is also a noticeable engraved mark from the pencil pressing hard onto the paper showing the pressure I made-storing my movement in the paper.

They are not perfect which makes it look less like it was done by a computer making all the lines being perfectly spaces with neat edges.

  • finger prints
  • warm human marks
  • creases in the paper
  • personal relationship with work
  • mistakes

By letting there be imperfections it makes the work more personal to me.


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