Copy was made using carbon paper from a duplicate book. Information collected about people’s movements and traces they leave behind was recorded in the duplicate book, and copy’s of that information were made using the carbon paper to print the marks on the next page. The same piece of carbon paper was used throughout so an indent of all the marks can now be seen layered over the top of each other. I like how the piece can been seen differently from afar to when you get up close to it, being able to see all the layers and the pressure made by the pencil in the carbon paper. I chose to mount it on fax paper after working a lot with receipts and finding the paper very interesting due to the smooth texture, how it is really easy to mark it and the colour is more of an off white than a really bright stand out white. I am pleases with how it has turned out and will continue to experiment with carbon paper and fax paper.

This piece was put up in the studio.

Thought and opinons from my crit on this piece can be seen here.



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