Collecting Data

Data collected about what people leave behind and their movements.

Over a week I collected receipts left by people in shops-left trace

I have used these receipts as starting points in my work, creating copies of them and working over them. TRACE

Every morning for a week a sat in a coffee shop for an hour documenting peoples movements- how many people walked past- which direction they were travelling- how many people were wearing a certain colour clothing etc.I recorded all this information in a duplicate book with carbon paper, Creating multiple copies of the information, with the copies of the data often overlapping each other creating layers of data collected all on one page. The indents of the marks transferred is seen on the carbon paper, I like that marks of the data collected are sometimes hard to see and you have to really look up close to see them or it can just look like a blue page. The indent in the page is also really important to me as you can see the pressure put onto the paper like I am leaving my own trace in the documents.


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