Studio Crit Notes

About Copy

  • Scroll/Book-never ending
  • repetitive information
  • continuous data
  • the data collected is the artwork in itself
  • the process of it is more important than the outcome
  • repetitive notions
  • indent of time
  • creating value and meaning through an investment of time
  • recurrence of things day by day
  • wasting time-project was the time
  • people’s lives structured by repetition
  • regulated time
  • same thing same time every day
  • copy-not original
  • letting there be imperfections-less perfect
  • position of the paper-is it just aesthetic
  • cover over something not positive
  • lousie Hopkins-Mummery+schnelle Gallery
  • residue – indent
  • layering and compression of time
  • making copies of originals
  • Leaving a residue of the original
  • trace of the past

From the crit I have decide to focus more on the copy’s of theĀ information and the residue that it left.

  • left trace
  • absence of the body
  • removing

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