Emma McNally


  • network topologies
  • noise patterns
  • musical notations
  • neural networks
  • contagion maps
  • sonar soundings
  • weather systems
  • water currents
  • charts plotting the migratory habits of deep-ocean mammals.

“In Emma McNally’s work dense layers of carbon on paper create fields which offer themselves up to meaning: planes, vectors, are overlaid, or coexist with swarms, shoals, marks laid out in rhythmic sequence.” SOCKS-STUDIO

  • charged percussive mark-making. Lines carry force, like the pulse of an ECG or a measure of seismic activity.
  • rhythmic expressions
  • chaotic swarms
  • fugitive marks
  • gatherings
  • matter or noise of charged marks
  • passage between marks and forces

“Imagine all sorts of ways of thinking visually about space and time” Emma McNally


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