Louise Hopkins

Louise Hopkins – Mummery + Schnelle Gallery

Hopkins’s works suggest a chain of contrasts – between mass-produced and handcrafted, reality and artifice, positive and negative, surface and depth, hidden and exposed. In an increasingly fast-paced, image-led world, Hopkins’s interventions are labour-intensive and time-consuming. She slows down time, inviting us to absorb the information she eradicates or exposes through the physical act of painting. In this way, she makes us question the things we see – not only in her work, but in the world around us. Generation art Scotland

I like how Louise Hopkins makes the viewer have to spend more time looking at her work, filling in the blanks or just trying to figure out what the original image is of. My favourite id the atlas which is basically completely painted over in blue paint, only allowing parts of the image to show through. This can almost be frustrating to the viewer making them have to spend time really looking at the painting to really understand what is there. Her work has encouraged me to experiment more with what can be seen and the hidden and exposed.

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