Sol LeWitt

LeWitt believed the idea itself could be the work of art, like an architect who creates a blueprint for a building and then turns the project over to a construction crew, an artist should be able to conceive of a work and then either delegate its actual production to others or perhaps even never make it at all. LeWitt’s work ranged from sculpture, painting, and drawing to almost exclusively conceptual pieces that existed only as ideas or elements of the artistic process itself.

Designs-shapes-grids-colours- strict instructions and diagrams to be followed in executing the work.

Although his work is mechanically executed from instructions, their is room for variation an random effects.


I relate the strict serial drawing patterns of sol LeWitt’s drawings to time, and the investment that is put into making them like the instructions given.

repetitive notions

  • people’s lives structured by repetition
  • indent of time
  • Creating value and meaning through an investment of time
  • time regulated
  • same thing same time

Line Drawings


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