Initial ideas for this work-

  • Removal
  • leaving traces that linger
  • left trace-absence of the body
  • erasure
  • distance
  • storing/containing traces of people/things
  • trails/paths


These pieces range in size from about A5, based around removal and showing what is left over-. All are done on fax paper-the material reminds me of  never ending scroll much like  trails that people leave as they move around. I also like the way the paper curls from being wrapped up all the time showing the natural movement of the paper. I am generally pleased with how theses pieces have turned out but feel like I could do much more with them, and the processes I have learnt experimented with the materials used.

I would of originally liked to present them all on one piece of fax paper but due to damages to the paper  I decided to cut them up. I am planning to present them one below each other just with a pin at the top middle of each piece allowing the bottom of the paper to curl, as to leave the natural movement in the paper, and not have it look like it is pasted to the wall, which after my Crit from my piece Copy it was suggested that it looked to neat which I agree with. As it is not going to be fully stuck to the wall, the thin fax paper allows the accidental marks, creases and crinkles in the paper to be more visible which I like. Also the movement from people moving past the work makes the paper move like its blowing in the wind, like its reacting to the peoples movements which is an adding touch as my work main influence is peoples movements.

This piece was done using carbon paper which already has marking on from using it to make copies of data collected about peoples movement in a duplicate book. I have been experimenting with carbon paper and this is the results of pasting a glue stick over the carbon paper and allowing it to dry slighting face don on the fax paper, then pulling it off leaving a part of the surface of the carbon paper, if you also look closely some of the marking from the data collected can also be seen on the print. This has to be my favourite of the 4 as I just love how the carbon paper has copies on to the paper, I wasn’t expecting so much to come through.


For this one I also used glue on carbon paper but it didn’t work as well as I took it off the page too early leaving just the glue, however I really love the texture of it and how it can just look like a blank page if you don’t actually go up and look closely. I particularly like the drag marks on the glue as the page was lifted of the fax paper as it looks like it showing the paths  and trails of peoples movements. The shiny tacky surface of the glue is also really intriguing and has made me want to experiment with the texture more in future work.



This piece was done using the paper from a duplicate book which I used to collected data about peoples movements, I really liked the colour of the paper and how thin it was, I started to use it to make graphs out of the put my data in and had scraps left over which I experimented with. I wanted to see if I could transfer the grids drawn on in pencil onto the fax paper. Using glue again to paste onto the page and leave it to dry slightly face down on the fax paper. However the page stuck to the fax paper more than I wanted making some parts of the paper unable to be removed. I like the effect though as its not just the faint leftovers of the pencil that have actually printed onto the fax paper but you can also see what paper they came from.



This piece I am not so sure about, I has drawn markings and data collected on both sides of the carbon paper and was experimenting with printing with glue onto fax paper. The glue was allowed o dry for too long so not a lot of the page could be removed, I have not yet decided how I feel about this piece and if I will include it in my exhibition.




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