I’ve been looking into the mark making ability of people hands and skin, how the shaping and manipulation of materials with your hands leaves a physical and personal trace within the object. I’m particularity interested in the memory and trace of what is left behind in materials, such as the fingerprints and indents from the skin.

Currently experimenting with different materials, but more non-classical materials that aren’t associated with high art like toothpaste and grout. Looking into materials that people handle everyday and relate to everyday life.

I want people to handle my work and feel a connection with my sculptures when they pick them up and feel the imprints that i have made in the material.

Looking into the idea that the sculptures can still be manipulated when handled by the viewer- when they are handled, imprints of that persons hand can be left in the sculpture and it will gradually change shape as it it handled by different people. Storing a trace of themselves in the material.

Memory of myself left in the material- feel of proximity to myself when the sculptures are picked up but without me being their-absence of the body-doesn’t give intimate details about the artist away but still feels intimate to the artist.


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