Urs Fischer- ‘The Kiss’

Urs Fischer- ‘the kiss’- Sadie coles

Over the space of a month, Fischer’s Plasticine sculpture of The Kiss will transform from a recognisable motif (fractionally larger than Rodin’s first marble version) into an open- ended site of collaboration. The icon of modern sculpture will become a volatile object – able to be inscribed, pulled apart and remodelled spontaneously. The kissing figures are raised on a Plasticine pedestal onto which visitors will be able to climb, so as to become part of the sculptural group – transposed into the work of art. Urs Fischer press release 2017

It was suggested in my vising practitioner crit to go visit this exhibition after discussing wanting people to handle my sculptures and ways i was going around doing that. I was particularity interested in the way visitors were allowed to manipulate the material themselves, leaving a trace of themselves in the sculpture on how they had changed it.

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