Urs Fischer- ‘The Kiss’

Urs Fischer- ‘the kiss’- Sadie coles Over the space of a month, Fischer’s Plasticine sculpture of The Kiss will transform from a recognisable motif (fractionally larger than Rodin’s first marble version) into an open- ended site of collaboration. The icon of modern sculpture will become a volatile object – able to be inscribed, pulled apart and remodelled spontaneously. The kissing figures are raised on a … Continue reading Urs Fischer- ‘The Kiss’

Presentation feedback Notes

Human memory Mental trace index-inexical sign coded sign fossils-already a impression left-memory anthony Gormly-rocks-sand-repetition not noticible but they have changed white-barely viable trace or imprint of the hand is barely viable Trust that the viewer will spend time to look for the barely visible trace Marina Kassinidou what a mark is fake trace? copy-replica/does the viewer know the differnec between a real or fake trace? Continue reading Presentation feedback Notes

VP crit feedback notes

personal need more content- cant stand on their own photographic documentation or text to support the sculptures text to help people navigate around the work chewing gum think literally/metaphorically about indent photography-static moment documented- sculptures can change over time if handled by viewer different imprints from part of the body-not just the hand forensic powder extra layers on the sculptures (colours- shiny materials)- can they … Continue reading VP crit feedback notes

Anna Fafaliou- ‘All i can remember’

Anna Fafaliou Inspired by the notion of memory, identity and visual perception, creating work that explores the relationship between object-space and memory. ‘All i can remember’ is an installation she did where she painted objects white that she had an emotional attachment to, not to give them a new identity but the space and time of re-writing them. ‘Anna aims to create a personal map … Continue reading Anna Fafaliou- ‘All i can remember’

Walter Benjamin- Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

“The traces of the first can be revealed only by chemical or physical analyses which it is impossible to perform on a reproduction; changes of ownership are subject to a tradition which must be traced from the situation of the original” I’ve been looking into the idea of reinterpreting my sculptures into a large scale like Barry Flanagan’s sculptures, however after reading the work of … Continue reading Walter Benjamin- Work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction